The 12 Tory ‘big name’ ministers at high risk of losing their seats, according to new YouGov poll


Twelve of the 26 members of the cabinet who are running for re-election are at risk of losing their seats, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by Sky News.

The survey suggests the United Kingdom is on the cusp of a major redrawing of the political landscape, with Labour on course to win a historic landslide and an enormous 194-seat majority.

But delving deeper into the numbers, it appears several high profile Conservative MPs will lose their seats, if the election does indeed end up being the worst Tory rout since 1906.

Election latest: Minister hangs up on Sky’s Sam Coates

“These are some of the biggest names in our politics,” deputy political editor Sam Coates said as he presented the findings on Sky News.

“Every single one of these, right now, is projected on course to lose at the general election.”

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Why Shapps hung up on Sam Coates

He added: “Tory MPs are getting more and more nervous by the day.”

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If the poll reflects reality in July, the 12 names Sam described as being in “deep, deep trouble” are:

Jeremy Hunt, the chancellor, set to lose Godalming and Ash seat to the Liberal Democrats by 15 points

Grant Shapps, the defence secretary, set to lose Welwyn Hatfield to Labour by 18 points

Penny Mordaunt, the Commons leader, would lose Portsmouth North to Labour by five points

Mark Harper, transport secretary, would lose Forest of Dean to Labour by four points

Alex Chalk, the justice secretary, set to lose Cheltenham by 31 points

Mel Stride, work and pensions secretary, set to lose Central Devon to Labour by one point

Jonny Mercer, defence minister, set to lose Plymouth Moor View to Labour by 11 points

Esther McVey, minister without portfolio, would lose Tatton Labour by one point

Gillian Keegan, education secretary, would lose Chichester to the Lib Dems by five points

Simon Hart, chief whip, would lose Caerfyrddin to Labour by nine points

David T C Davies, the Welsh secretary, would lose Monmouthshire to Labour by 11 points

Victoria Prentis, the attorney general, may lose Banbury to Labour by six points


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